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Snake eyes/colombus piercing, side burns are on the top of the list for hot piercings despite many piercers knowledge.

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Navel shapes and what jewelry "studio 316L" recommends for initial piercing.
Every navel is different, but we will talk about some "Navel shapes". Do not let anyone tell you that you have to get pierced with 1 type of jewelry.a)From the shapes of the jewelry b)quality of the metal c)Internally or externally threaded jewelry, should be explained to you by the shop/studio. If the shop/studio can not explain or does not have (A,B,C mentioned above)for initial piercing. Run away, keep searching for a better place.
1.Navel Type: Not quite an outey as you can see the area just above the main hollow has a lip, the piercing would be no problem with little chance of it growing out. The navel piercing should be done with a curved belly bar as the area is very flat, a ring would sit to one side throwing the piercing crooked after a few weeks. jewellery: An ideal piece for this navel piercing would be something flattish to stop the belly bar rocking from left to right giving it lateral stability. Healing estimate: This navel is very open allowing for good air circulation, it is also higher than the belt line. With regular light cleaning and sensible jewellery the belly piercing should settle within 6/8 weeks and be completely healed inside 6 months (this is assuming the person leads a healthy lifestyle).

2.Navel Type:This thin oval shape navel is suitable for piercing with either a belly ring or a curved belly bar with a 5mm ball or gemstone. A bigger ball or navel seating would hamper the healing as the ball would be rubbing on the left and right side of the navel and add forward pressure making it more likely to grow out. jewellery: An ideal piece for this navel would be any of ball closure rings size 10mm or 11mm. If I was to use a curved navel bar, the open oval, mini or a small 5mm solitaire or double gem could be used. After healing any of the belly droppers would also suit. For piercing, the body jewellery (if using a curved belly bar) would have to be slightly more curved than normal to take away any pressure so that it does not grow out. Healing estimate: This navel is not very deep. Using the correct navel jewellery it should have reasonable air circulation, it is also higher than the belt line. With regular light cleaning and sensible piercing jewellery it should settle within 6/8 weeks and be completely healed inside 8 months (this is assuming the person leads a healthy lifestyle)
3.Navel type: This navel is a classic outey - not really suitable for piercing at the top. There is more room and a small lip of skin at the bottom of the navel. I would recommend the navel piercing to be done at the bottom "a downey". However this is still not ideal but by using a small belly ring or small navel bar could be possible. There are cases were this navel shape can not be pierced. jewellery: This is (not a pretty navel) and desperately need hiding. Once healed I would recommend shields as this has a flat and is big enough to hide it. The shield would cover the navel with the ball being underneath at the bottom. Healing estimate: This navel is open offering good circulation of air. It should heal up quickly settling in approx 6/8 weeks. It should be completely healed inside 6/8 months (this is assuming the person leads a healthy lifestyle).
4.Navel type: This navel is probably one of the most common shapes and ideal for piercing with a wide range of jewellery. It is not too deep and quite open. The only thing I would be concerned about is putting in something too heavy. The flesh above the navel looks quite soft with not much strength so putting in something that weighed more than 5 grams could stretch the skin downwards. I would recommend a curved belly bar rather than a belly ring. jewellery: We have more than 1000 designs for this type of navel. Healing estimate: This navel is normal, using suitable jewellery it should settle within 6/8 weeks. It should be completely healed inside 5/6 months (this is assuming the person leads a healthy lifestyle).
5.Navel type: Half moon with a smooth drop down from the navel. This is probably the most versatile of navels and very common. It is nice belly to pierce and will heal well as the air circulation around the piercing is good as there is no hollow for bacteria to hide in. jewellery: Big range of design at store. Healing estimate: This navel is normal, using suitable body jewellery it should settle within 6/8 weeks. It should be completely healed inside 5/6 months (this is assuming the person leads a healthy lifestyle).

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Piercing - FAQ

1. Does the placement of a piercing hurt?The pain lasts just a fraction of a second. A professional works fluently and fast, resulting in an almost painless piercing. Your imagination is a lot worse than reality!
2. Can I wear earrings in a body piercing?NO!!! Real piercing-jewellery is the only safe choice. Earrings are much too thin and could tear out. The quality of the metal is a lot lower than that of piercing-jewellery, which increases the change for infections.
3. Does it matter where I buy my piercing-jewellery?More and more small jewellery stores, trendy fashion-shops and even post order-companies include piercing-jewellery in their line of products. You could get your jewellery there, but the quality is not guaranteed. In these stores the purchaser is responsible for the buy of clothing, shoes, watches, jewellery in general, purses etc. Such a job requires the cheapest buy of goods to be able to sell those products with as much profit as possible. This person is not trained in piercing, doesn't usually have enough knowledge of materials and doesn't have a clue of sizes, diameters, thickness or gauge Of course, piercing studios are supposed to make a profit, but theirs depends on their reputation. They can't afford to sell precarious piercings. Studio 316L uses the highest metals 316L/316LVM Surgical steel meets ISO 5832-1 and ASTM F138 standards, titanium grade 23, medproflex medical flexible plastics, Implant Silicon, 14Kt Gold nickel free.
4. Do you always use a new needle or do the old ones get re-sterilized?Piercing needles are only to be used once and afterwards immediately thrown in a special needle container. The opening of the wrapping should always happen in your presence, with you clearly able to see what's going on. THERE IS NO EXCUSE. If the piercer has opened the wrapping in advance, RUN LIKE CRAZY.
5. My piercer does not have an autoclave (sterilization device), but he always uses sterilized needles. Is this safe?NO!!! There is a lot more to be sterilized than just the needle. All tools MUST be sterilized every time again after being used. So your favourite piercer should have an autoclave on a visual spot in his studio.
6. Which metals are safe for piercing-jewellery?For each new piercing these are the only appropriate metals: Implantation steel - Titanium - medproflex. Once the piercing is healed, you may also wear jewellery in surgical steel, solid +14k gold, acrylic, pyrex, plastics and wood. Never use sterling silver, nickel or copper in a piercing.
7. I bought/got a piercing from a friend/acquaintance. Can I use it?
8. Can I use my old jewellery for a new piercing?Ditto question above
9. How many piercing can I get in one visit?Generally speaking, I'd say three. Depending on what kind of piercing you would like, your pain-limit and most importantly your physical condition. For some people 1 would be a good choice, for others 4 or 5 piercings at the same time are not an issue and the piercings heal just fine... A piercer with some common sense will always ask you about your general physical condition: whether you take medication etc.
10. I'm extremely nervous, can I have a few drinks before I come in?Rather not! It decreases your sense of judgement, makes it more difficult to sit still and causes haemorrhages. Alcohol, drugs and certain medications (for example for you lungs, painkillers, etc.) thin the blood. This can result to the ink bleeding out when you're getting a tattoo and to the inevitable removal of the piercing if the bleeding can't be stopped. This can also happen when you use 1 of more blood-thinners in the first hours after the placement. Search just as long until you've found a piercer in which you have enough confidence. Someone who will guide you through the whole event in an experienced and calm manner without giving you the feeling that your an extremely fragile plant.
11. Do I make an appointment?From our own experience we know that every minute can seem like too, at least. If you come around for an informative chat, this is not a catastrophe! Otherwise it 's the Big Day! Than, of course, wipe that semi-scientific theory off the table and get an appointment when you wish to get your piercing.
12. Do I get a scar if I remove my piercing?Yes, but in most cases it is so small, you can hardly notice. (Question 25: stretching)
13. Can I switch the piercings myself?Piercings closed with a screw-lock are pretty easy to swap. Piercings with a clip-in lock on the other hand, are not that easy to place. Even if you get lucky on the opening of the ring, you can't get the clip-in back in its place without the appropriate tools. Real DIY's amongst you: don't you treasure-hunting in daddy's tool kit, but buy the right equipment at the piercing studio. You'll get some additional advice, too.
14. Recognized training- seminars - diplomas certificates - associations - leagues.
A self-respecting con-artist can easily promote himself to professor in piercing-sciences. You just hang out this pamphlet:Courses and seminars piercing 5 day training Training by piercing John Potato Member of the (English/American/Association of meatball school) piercing association Recognized by Superman and the invisible man ?? 000, - Seminars can be educational, fascinating and amusing, but don't be fooled by people who work like this. There is no law concerning piercing practices. Certificates and diplomas are only legitimate to the distributor of such, but will NOT stand in the court of law as is invalid to the department of health.
15. What does it mean to have a piercing license? These are foreign licenses, distributed by countries or states where there is some kind of oversight concerning piercings and tattoos. For example: in a couple of states in the US one needs a license before opening a studio. This simply means that someone of the public health department checks the place once a year, to see whether there is an autoclave, whether there is no carpeting on the floor etc. The distributing of the license has nothing to do with the skills of the piercer. There is no Piercing License issued or approved by the department of health in New York City.
16. Do you use piercing-guns? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! If you ever respect your body the slightest bit and more importantly, if you like your health, you don't get a piercing placed by such a gun. The qualities of those torture-devices: they don't operate in a correct way, the placement of the piercing is not exact, the piercing is a lot more painful, the jewellery placed is inappropriate and cheap and to top it all of: THEY CAN'T BE STERLIZED!This is the reason why we find those things very dangerous, even for the piercing of the earlobes. These days there are disposable guns. These are appropriate for the placement of ear piercings, considering they will only be used once. A little more expensive than the old system: let's see where that leads!
17. Will my piercings trigger a metaldetectionsystem?Don't worry, us piercingfreaks, we have never messed up airport security. Pity though...
18. Why do I need a smaller stud once my tongue piercing is healed?After a piercing in the tongue, it can swell quite a lot, hence the longer stud. Once the piercing is healed and the swelling disappeared, you could crack your teeth on the ball while your eating. The piercing could also irritate the palate and the bottom of your mouth. Keep the long piercing, though, if you ever lose the short one, you 'll have a back up. Or you could use the spare-parts. Don't forget that the piercing closes extremely fast without a jewel.
19. Can I swallow my tongue piercing. It could happen. Every morning when you're brushing your teeth, you should check whether the piercing is still screwed on tight. But don't overdo it, you might damage the screw thread, preventing the piercing from being locked tight.
20. Will my piercing get in the way when I visit my dentist?No, your piercing will not trouble your dentist or get in the way of his work. But dentists are only human. Your dentist could have some prejudice against piercings. If this is the case, and you've had the piercing for over six months, it would be wise to remove your piercing before you enter and replace it after the visit.
21. Why is my bellybutton piercing stuck to one side?This happens to a lot of women. Tight pants, skirts, pants or belts pressing the piercing will inevitably push the piercing to one side. Avoid all clothing, which presses the piercing. People with office-jobs can also be confronted with this problem. In any case: adjust your clothing. If the piercing-cavity is already disfigured, you could correct it by sticking the piercing to the other side with some skin-friendly tape at night.
22. How old must I be to get a piercing?Babies can be pierced by the wicked witch of the west with a darning needle and be fine. A professional piercer has enough honor and common sense to set a minimum age for his costumers. For certain piercings the minimum is 16 (bellybutton, nose etc) or the company of one of the parents. Don't forget your ID. For others piercings one must be older (for example: intimate piercings require a minimum age of 18).
23. Do genital piercing disturb the snuggling?No, they don't. Quite on the contrary: they intensify the emotions of the carrier. And sometimes the partner finds a lot of pleasure with them as well. Intimate piercings have the tendency to look very erotic. They are the discrete piercings of the people who enjoy life.
24. STRETCHING.You'd better reserve a quiet night at home when you wish to have a stretching, which is an enlargement of the piercing-cavity: in this case, patience is a virtue. You can have this procedure done in the studio, the most important thing about stretching is the time and small steps you'll have to take. Your favorite piercer probably sells stretching tapers, cone-shaped pins in several sizes. If you go overboard on the size or you try to speed up the process, ruptures will appear. Nothing too dramatic, you'd say, but it causes scar tissue. And if you decide to remove the piercing to shrink the hole, this won't look pretty.
25. Can I loose my job if I get a visible piercing? You certainly can, even if your contract doesn't mention anything involving clothing and/or general appearance. Your boss will have no problem in finding some other reason for firing you. These days piercings are accepted more and more, a trend maybe. When you're considering a visual piercing, always make sure you know where your boss stands before spending your money.
26. My piercing is red and seems to be infected ... what can I do?
First, make sure that you are NOT using Bactine, alcohol, or Neosporin. The largest amount of complaints come from those who use these products to heal their piercings. Second, make sure that you are only using anitbacterial or antimicrobial soap and sea salt to clean your piercing. Third make sure there is nothing causing tension or pressure on the piercing (i.e. sleeping on the piercing, tight pants, belts, hats, etc.) Fourth avoid any cosmetic products in or around the piercing site. Remember, piercings such as the navel and nipple tend to get irritated easily because they are in active areas of the body. So be careful not to pull on your jewelry while the piercing is still healing.

27.My friend got pierced by someone from myspace "a piercer" . This person brought everything sealed in sterilization pouches that had been sterilized? How safe is it?

Very simple "not safe at all". Autoclave bags have color indicators to show that they have been sterilized in an autoclave. However, these indicators can change colors even if the autoclave is not working properly. You need to see the spore test result for the autoclave.
28.WITH SO MANY Piercing - TATTOO STUDIOS, HOW DO I CHOOSE ONE? ,what is a spore test? and does every tattoo & Piercing shop needs to have one?
Getting a Piercing or tattoo is a serious decision. It is important to arm yourself with as much information as possible.

This is a basic guideline for what to look for when choosing a studio. Included are precautions meant to help prevent cross-contamination of blood borne diseases from one client to the next.

These guidelines are based on a combination of vast professional experience, common sense, research and extensive clinical practice. This is not to be considered a substitute for medical advice from a doctor. Be aware, however, that many doctors have no specific training or experience regarding tattoos and may not be educated on how to best assist you.

Education is of the utmost importance to us at Studio316L. Please familiarize yourself with the following tattoo guidelines. Any studio you select should abide by these basic rules for your safety:

a) There are many things to look for in choosing a good tattoo&Piercing studio. You must visit in person, not call.
b) How do I know if my local Piercing & Tattoo studio are clean and sterile?. You can tell if a business looks clean or dirty. Ask to see the autoclave, if the autoclave is on the floor, If the autoclave is in the same room with the toilet then just walk away. An autoclave has to be in a room called "Cleanigng room /Sterilization room" and dedicated just for sterilization a sink is a must. All Piercing & tattoo studios should sterilize with an autoclave. The only acceptable means of sterilization is by an autoclave. The autoclave should be spore tested, at least, every two weeks to ensure that it is functioning properly. Any reputable studio should have no problem producing these test records upon request, furthermore most studios have their test on the wall. If this certificate is not on the wall do not trust them. The following information is an example of what to look on test report:

Sterilizer Tested- name or model / serial number of the unit, date of test.
Studio 316L Tattoo & Body piercing uses "Crushable self-contained" Attest 1292 RRBI test by 3M.(with Controler Attest 1292 RRBI )
Types of Biological Indicators Used in Steam Sterilization Processes: Spore Strips, Crushable Self-contained, and Sealed Glass Ampoule. A self-contained biological indicator has a great advantage over traditional spore strips in glassine because of the time saved when confirming spore kill. Results come back in 48 hours with no problematic laboratory transfers.
The unique self-contained design provides a challenge to steam penetration similar to that which would be encountered in restricted areas of instruments.
The self-contained design also greatly reduces the potential for sample contamination. Self-contained would be most sensitive to an air leak because of the product design and ability to trap air. This more challenging test varies greatly from the old glassine envelope used by other third party labs.

Note:you will be shocked how many Studios lack this test, and do not even know what it is for.
***** The CDC encourages testing regardless of whether or not it is mandatory in your state. "Sterilizer monitoring will greatly reduce your exposure to infectious diseases and other blood-borne pathogens." -National Monitoring Guidelines - Dental Practices, American Dental Association (ADA) Monitoring Sterilizers, Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures (OSAP), Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN): Monitor sterilizers at least weekly by using a biological indicator with a matching control (i.e., biological indicator and control from same lot number.)

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Piercing Prices: $15 for all basic piercings (JEWELRY INCLUDED).
The reason of our very low price is because "Rent in queens" is much lower than "the rent in manhattan".*We have over 6,000pcs of body jewelry at location (from belly dangles to exotic & unique jewelry, to big gauge internally threaded jewelry).


Studio 316L tattoo & Body Piercing 718-803.3977 ask for Patty
Note: mention this add when you visit us, and You will receive an free jewelry gift of your choice with your piercing. ***20minutes from 42nd (times square)Manhattan - #7 train towards queens /stop 82nd

84-02 Roosevelt Ave, 11372 google map yahoo mapLocation: Jackson Heights, New York

Piercing Aftercare ?
External or internal piercings: It is generally advised by piercers to use a sea salt rinse (1/8 teaspoon per 8oz of distilled or boiled water) but sometimes a home make sea salt solution could be to strong for your piercing; proportionate mixes are marketed and sold by companies such as Piercemania Sea Salt Spray. Medicated soaps with pcmx are also very beneficial in conjuction with the sea salt spray to acelerate healing. Piercemania sea salt spray is the only one on the market that we know can be used with medicated soaps .
Oral piercings: Mouth wash alcohol free (listerine is a big NO, because it has alcohol and it can cause irritation , and prolong the healing of your piercing).

718-803.3977 ask for Patty

The latest: Surface Anchors , also call single point piercing

List of piercing types performed at STUDIO 316 Body .Inc 718 803-3977
*Studio 316 uses the highest metals 316L/316LVM Surgical steel meets ISO 5832-1 and ASTM F138 standards, titanium grade 23, medproflex, 14kt gold.
Piercing Prices: $15 for all basic piercings (JEWELRY INCLUDED).

*We have over 10,000pcs of body jewelry at location (from belly dangles to exotic & unique jewelry, to big gauge internally threaded jewelry).

Note: mention this add when you visit us, and You will receive an free jewelry gift of your choice with your piercing. ***20minutes from 42nd (times square)Manhattan - #7 train towards queens /stop 82nd
84-02 Roosevelt Ave, 11372
google map yahoo map Location: Jackson Heights, New York

Earlobe and cartilage piercings
Earlobes and helix piercings and earlobe stretching
Tragus and antitragus piercings
Daith piercing
Conch piercing
Rook piercing
Industrial and orbital piercings

Facial and oral piercings
Bridge piercing
Cheek piercing
Eyebrow piercing
Lip piercing
Nostril, septum, and bridge piercings
Tongue piercing
Tongue frenulum piercing
Lip frenulum piercing
Uvula piercing
Monroe piercing
Medusa piercing

Body piercings
Madison piercing
Navel piercing
Nipple piercing
Nape piercing
Surface piercing

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Piercing Guns the facts! is illegal and why..
Piercing guns are commonly used in retail settings to perform ear piercings. These gun-shaped devices are designed for piercing tags on rabbits, cows for test results. They are not marketed or designed for use on any part of the body other than the ear lobe, and should never be used on the upper ear. Piercing the upper ear (through cartillage) with a ear piercing gun often results in longer healing times, and possible increased discomfort.
Many professional body piercers discourage the use of these instruments. The major complaint is that ear piercing instruments perform the piercing using a great deal of force with a relatively blunt ear piercing stud. Because of this, it is more difficult to direct the piercing than with a body piercing needle, and healing is prolonged due to the additional trauma involved. Also, the autoclaving of ear piercing guns is difficult or impossible. Because it can not be sterilized , we at Studio 316L do not use it to protect our customers.

Piercing procedure?
Studio 316L takes numerous precautions to protect the health of the person being pierced and the piercer. Tools and jewelry are sterilised in autoclaves and non-autoclavable surfaces are cleaned with sterilising agents on a regular basis and between clients. Sterile, single use gloves are worn by the piercer to protect both the piercer and the client.
Most piercings shops will only pierce with stainless steel non certified metal. Studio 316L uses 316L/LVM Surgical Stainless Steel meets ISO 5832-1 and ASTM F138 standards or titanium grade 23 f136, Medproflex medical plastic for surgery for initial piercing. Some use one or the other exclusively.
Jewelry made of pure platinum as well as 14k and 18k gold is not considered safe for piercing, but is often used for decorative jewelry when the piercing has healed. However, many piercers also claim that 14k gold contains too much copper, opting for at least 18k for any jewelry piece.
Decorative jewelry bought at retail stores is often highly discouraged by piercers, as much of it contains components that can be irritating or even toxic. Even some jewelry that is claimed to be titanium is often composed of cheaper metals such as nickel and iron. At studio 316L all metals are certified. Silver in any use or form is also highly discouraged due to the threat of argyria and possible carcinogenic effects of various silver compounds.

what needle is used for piercing?
The standard method in the United States involves making an opening using a hollow medical needle. The needle is inserted into the body part being pierced, but not all the way through. While still in the body, the initial jewelry to be worn in the piercing is pushed through the opening, following the back of the needle. Piercing using hollow medical needles does not actually remove any flesh, the method cuts a slit and holds it open in the shape of the cross section of the needle, in this case, a circle. In this method, the needle is the same gauge or larger than the initial jewelry to be worn

A nipple piercing is a piercing, centered usually at the base of the nipple. A nipple piercing typically takes 3-6 months to fully heal.

Jewelry rejection
The nipple is fleshy enough to pierce securely behind plenty of skin to prevent rejection. However, if the jewelry gauge is too thin or the piercing isn't deep enough to begin with, there is a risk of rejection. Metal allergies could cause it to reject. Problems with infection and/or too much tugging and pulling on it could also cause it to reject.

Nipple piercing and breastfeeding
There is a common question among women who consider nipple piercings, and that question is how it may affect breastfeeding. There is no evidence that proper nipple piercings cause any complications with lactation. However, it is recommended that good care is taken to prevent infection by using a piercing professional and good body piercing aftercare. Frequent re-piercings can also damage the nipple and cause complications. It is also recommended that the piercing be healed before breastfeeding. Most body piercing professionals will refuse to pierce a pregnant woman for this reason, and because piercing causes unnecessary stress on the body that could potentially complicate a pregnancy.
Several complications have been noted involving breastfeeding with a piercing present, so it is recommended to remove nipple jewelry before nursing.
Several women who do not remove nipple jewelry before nursing observe the following problems:
Poor latch
Babies frequently coming on and off the breast
Milk leaking from the baby's mouth
It is also a potential choking hazard for the baby. As the baby sucks, the jewelry could come loose and lodge in the throat. The baby's gums and tongue as well as the soft and hard palate could be injured by the jewelry

The best Piercing Studio :ear piercing, belly piercing, tongue piercing, nose piercing, project piercing, prince albert piercing, monroe piercing, madona piercing, industrial piercing, baby's ears, helix, conch, etc